Most Common Street Name

The most common street name in the U.S. is Second Street.

Warding Off The Devil While Drinking

Long ago people would click their cups together while drinking in hopes to ward off the devil.


The inspiration for the character Pacman came from a pizza with a slice missing.A perfect score playing the arcade game Pacman is 3,333,360.


January 17, 1920 prohibition started at 12:01 AM. It took only 58 minutes for the first violation to occur, when a shipment of whiskey was hijacked in Chicago.


Peanuts are actually beans! Not nuts...?

Chickens Vs. Humans

Chickens win!
There are more chickens than humans on this Earth.

Granted, there are more humans eating chickens though...

People Used To Wash Their Clothes With Urine?

It's true! People used to wash their clothes with fermented urine because it contains a certain amount of ammonia.

Superman A Bald Telepathic Villain?

Superman started as a bald telepathic villain in the short story "The Reign Of Super-man" published in 1933. Less than six years later in 1938, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster sold their rights on Superman to Detective Comics(DC Comics) for $130.

Laughing Epidemic

In 1962 an laughing epidemic broke out in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). Starting among a group of schoolgirls, the laughter spread rapidly, eventually infecting neighbouring villages and forcing schools to close. It lasted for at least six months.