The Toltecs Wielded Wooden Swords

Trying not to kill their enemies the seventh-century native Mexicans the Toltecs, went into battle wielding wooden swords.

Doctor Predicts One Out Of Twenty

Only one in twenty children are born on the day that the doctor predicts.
Not counting the children that are induced of course.

Pogonophobia, The Fear Of Beards

I didn't know there was such a thing?

Albert Einstein Dies, Misunderstood?

When Albert Einstein died, his final words died with him because the nurse at his side didn't understand German.

Lips Shrink With Age

Lips are fuller in younger people because of collagen. When you get older there's not much collagen produced and so in turn it breaks down a bit. In a way it deflates like a balloon. Of course this does vary from person to person.

Ulysses S. Grant Receives A Speeding Ticket

President Ulysses S. Grant once received a speeding ticket from a traffic cop for going to fast in his horse drawn carriage.